lights and shades express forms

Bertrand Coldefy became an associate of the architecture firm ARTEC in 1975.
In 1984, he started his own architectural business.
Founder of Coldefy & Associates Architects Urban designers (CAAU) in 1993.
Since then, Bertrand Coldefy built and coordinated numerous cultural projects, schools and universities, offices, retail centers, and has established many urban studies.
The architectural firm concentrated its zone of interventions mainly along the highway A1 axis, from Paris to Lille, and in the Paris area.

Bertrand Coldefy, through his professional career including important collaboration with Harry Weese & Associates, Chicago, and Skidmore, Owings & Merril, New York, has the motivation to carry out teams with foreign firms :

  • Perkin & Wills, Chicago (project for a hospital in northern France)
  • Swankee, Hayden & Connell, London (project for offices for Disney Europe)
  • GMA Arkitekten & Engineers, Koln, Germany, (nautic complex in northern France)
  • Bernar Venet, New York (project of definition and design of the envelope façade of Ile Seguin)
  • Baur Consult, Hassfurt, Germany (an air base in Belgium)
  • Steven Holl Architect, New York, (Louvre Lens museum competition)

In 2006, Bertrand Coldefy’s son, Thomas, with his wife Isabel Van Haute, joined the office of CAAU, coming back from New York where they had worked Thomas for KPF, and Isabel for Richard Meier.
The first step was the realisation of the Hong Kong Design Institute, after winning an international competition ; on this occasion, an office was created in Hong Kong :
Coldefy & Associates, Ltd.
From that time, CAAU activities became more oriented on international projects.
Bertrand Coldefy transmitted the firm in 2012 to Thomas Coldefy, whose activity became worlwide successful , with Isabel Van Haute.

Bertrand Coldefy Architect registered in 2013 at the French Board of Architects.
His main activities are consultancy and support on specific missions of CAAU.