Bertrand Coldefy
Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture Paris, Institut d'Urbanisme Paris Dauphiné

Bertrand Coldefy worked for Harry Weese & Associates in Chicago, USA, during several years, and back in France, he collaborated with S.O.M. on a site at La Défense in Paris.
He has been practicing as a registered architect in France, since 1975.

The studies of the projects are carried out with multi-fields teams including : specialized architects and engineers, landscape designers, high environmental quality consultants.

The deep interest of architecture and wide technical skills allow Bertrand Coldefy to be generally the representative of teams combining various competences.
Bertrand Coldefy gives great importance to the functionality which gives an immediate lisibility of the project and generates a performance of the high environmental quality. He often seeks in his projects the integration of works of art and specific and singular landscape surroundings.
Among the technical teams, Bertrand Coldefy pays particular attention to the control of the costs, using sustainable materials. Time is alloted to maintain the quality of the architectural project until its term.

Bertrand Coldefy is a member of the French Society of Urban Planners (SFU)
In 2015, he was elected Member of the Académie d’Architecture.
He is an International Associate of the American Institute of Architects, 2015 AIA Europe President.
Bertrand Coldefy is a member of AMO (Architectes Maîtres d’Ouvrage)
He is also an Associate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

Several distinctions were awarded to him :

  • Gold medal (Salon des Artistes Français)
  • Prix Séraphine Liévois (Grand Palais Paris)
  • Prix de la Critique at the Paris Biennale
  • Lauréat de l’Académie d’Architecture
  • Palmarès National de l’Habitat
  • Honorable mention at the Trophies of Wood
  • Nominated at the Beffrois d’Or (two years)
  • Departemental prize in the Cités et Villages gagnants